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Social Media Guidelines

The purpose of social media is to:

Promote PTA, membership or PTA events

Direct traffic to the PTA website for more information, encouraging participation and membership

Promote best practices

Provide accurate, relevant and up-to-date information



The PTA executive board shall approve the site and assign the responsibility for monitoring content. Content on all social media outlets used by the PTA shall:

• Be civil, cordial and relevant

• Be inclusive for all groups

Avoid making sites exclusive vehicles for board information behind passwords.

Avoid “PTA-speak” by not using words or acronyms the average parent would not understand.

• Not include documents intended for members only, such as bylaws, minutes and financials, unless access is protected and available only to members of that PTA

• Not endorse, promote or solicit on behalf of a business, product or service

• Not include comments and posts used as advertising space (explicit or implied)

• Not endorse a candidate or political party

• Be verified for access

Obtain permission from individuals prior to posting photographs and videos.

Check with the school district’s communications administrator for guidelines on the photo release policy, or obtain a signed photo release thorough the PTA before publishing any photo or video.



Texas PTA and its constituents associations are encouraged to post the following information on their social media site so visitors are aware of the expectations.

Teravista Elementary PTA is a noncommercial, nonsectarian, nonpartisan association that does not endorse any candidate or political party. This PTA does not endorse non-PTA products or services.


Solicitation, or anything that resembles solicitation, shall not be posted on this site. If complaints are received about content or if the PTA deems content to be advertising, that content will be removed regardless of whether the content is relevant to our members.


Offensive or inappropriate content shall not be tolerated. Any such content will be removed and the author banned from the site. Offensive or inappropriate content includes anything that isn’t child friendly, personal attacks, spam, copyrighted material, or bullying of any kind.

Posts endorsing a candidate for office or any political party shall be removed immediately.

This site is not the appropriate place to express complaints and grievances. If you have a concern, please contact a member of the PTA executive board.

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