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November 16-30th

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Why is this fundraiser so important?

Listen to what one of our teachers, Kelly gunn, has to say

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As many of you know, our big PTA fundraiser for the last six years has been the Teravista Lighthouse Festival. This is our time to come together as a community for some fun and fundraising. This year is different in so many ways but in many other ways it’s the same! We still have amazing teachers and staff doing all the work to teach and support the kids of Teravista Elementary and their families. And we, the PTA, still want to support the kids, families, and staff, too. 

the Teravista PTA’s mission is: To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

One way we live out that mission is through our commitment to purchasing necessary educational programming and educational tools, supporting our TvE staff through appreciation give backs, and community giving.



educational programming

Annual costs: $4,125

Our PTA pays the subscription fees for computer programs the students of Teravista use every day:


Scholastic News Subscription: $700

Brain Pop Subscription: $2040

Discovery Education Subscription: $1085

Author Visits: Cost Varies

educational tools

annual costS: $4,650

Every year the PTA budgets for wish list purchases of educational tools from each grade level (K-5), Pre-K, Resource, TAG and from the Cafeteria, Custodial, Intervention, Nurse and PPCS.  We also budget to support the counselors, Art and Music.  


Grades K – 5: $2,400

Cafeteria, Custodial, Intervention, Nurse, ECSE (Early Childhood Education), Pre K, Resource, TAG, Technology: $1,350

Art, Music, and Counseling Support: $900

add’l purchases: $7,469  

Over the years, the PTA has purchased educational tools for use by the students including: 


Green/Blue Screen for Announcements: $79

Bulletin Boards throughout the School: $2,185

Egg incubators: $1,260

Tables: $1,200

Laminator: $1,274

Die Cut Machine: $395

Chrome Books: $3,800

Books for Literacy Library: $2,000

staff appreciation

annual costS: $3,800

Our PTA wants to make sure our teachers and staff know how much we appreciate all they do. Every year, we give back to them in these ways:

Spiritwear Shirts for Staff at the Beginning of Every Year: $1,000

Monthly Goodies in Mailboxes

Birthday Treats 

Snacks and Drinks During STAAR Testing

community giving

annual costS: $6,350

We give back to our local community and our school’s community in many ways every year including:


Little Free Library (structure/books): $1000 

RRISD Clothes Closet (socks/underwear): $100

Giving Tree: $500

Community Fest: $75

Pizza/Cookies/Drinks for 7 Habits Event: $200

Family Dance: $350

STAAR snacks for students: $300

Talent Show: $200

5th Grade Celebration: $1500

5th Grade Graduation: $350

Field Day (for inflatables): $1775


The PTA designs and coordinates the sale of the Teravista Elementary Yearbook each year.  We offer the yearbook to the Teravista Elementary community as a give back in that we don’t typically make money on the sale of the yearbooks.  Instead, we use one year’s sales to fund the next year’s production costs.


In addition to giving back financially, we give our time every year to assist in eye and hearing screenings, cafeteria support, picture day, book fairs, Kindergarten Round Up and re-shelving books in the library and literacy library.

Can’t decide?

Make a general donation and we will use the funds towards the area that needs it most.

what do our children think?

they have opinions about what they’re thankful for and what they’d like to see more of in the school.