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November 6, 2011 Development of a civil engineering design module was started in late 2005. The model was a concept build by a consultant and not a real building. The project began in March 2006 when KTH bought the civil engineering design module. The delivery of the module is expected in 2009. - ENVIRONMENTAL RULES During the development of the construction model of the Skansen, the KTH Institute Environmental Office formulated a set of environmental rules. The main idea is that the design model will be built of materials which can be obtained from the site where it will be built. This rules are to be applied for all materials, equipment and systems. For several years the Skansen has built up environmental efforts that are based on the design of the museum’s building. The building is divided into three zones; a green, a brown and a blue zone. - WORK SCOPE The work scope of the project is to develop a model of the historical building of the Skansen, which is located in the middle of Stockholm, Sweden. - MATERIAL The construction model is developed in 3D using magnetic. It is built in plastic, which is best suited for the project. It is also available in transparent type. - TECHNOLOGY The project is developed in the environment of the KTH Institute Environmental Office in which it is used for analysis and testing. - DESIGN A number of different design principles are used in the construction model. The principles include non-institutional buildings with an open museum, a mixed building system with a dual-purpose entrance and an urban building. The results will be a building model which simulates the Skansen at the real environment, which will be built in Stockholm. This building will be opened in 2013 and is expected to be visited by about 3.5 million visitors every year. The building is expected to be open for about 400 years. - MULTIPLE PROJECTS The project "Skansen" is part of a series of projects by KTH Research & Education. The total cost of the project is of SEK 160 million and the project’s duration is 15 years. The project is funded by the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. - DESIGN TEAM The project was led by the KTH department called the Department of Architecture and The Architectural Design Project. The 3D




Swansoft Cnc Simulator 6.9 Crack thergar

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